DH Bentara Setia


Cooking Oil Packaging Machinery & Apparatus

At DH Bentara Setia, we have invested in advanced facilities and cutting-edge machinery specifically designed for cooking oil packaging.

Cooking Oil Product Packaging


We have established a streamlined workflow for the packaging of cooking oil, ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and product integrity throughout the process.

Cooking Oil Packaging Warehouse

Cooking Oil Packaging WorkSpace

Subsidised Cooking Oil Pouch Packaging

Finished Products (Cooking Oil Packets) Secondary Packaging

Box Stacking for Tertiary Packaging

Distribution of Subsidised Cooking Oil by Collaborating Supplier

Collection of Subsidised Refined Bleached Deodorized (RBD) Palm Olein

Licences & Documents

DH Bentara Setia is a certified and licensed business, equipped with the necessary documents and permits.

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